Tragedy At Soka Area Ibadan


It is with great sadness to read of this great tragedy that is playing out with these discoveries of kidnapped victims, dungeons, rotten corpses et al.

It is unbelievable that this occurred in our beloved city. Much needs to be down so that we can shed this bad reflection on our wonderful city.

But as we look for justice and catching the perpetrators we need to ensure that the rescued victims are taken care of.

We would like to remind all Nigerians and especially people of Ibadan to be even more vigilant now than ever.

1)When leaving the house, please let people close to you know where you are going to and how long you will be gone.

2)If it feels wrong then it most likely is. Trust your instincts.

3) Always enter public transportation at established public stops.

4) Always use well marked public transportation.

5) Cellphones are not a luxury anymore but a necessity,.

All of us at City.NG supports all law enforcement work in this regards and we hope that the perpetrators are caught and given the swift justice that they deserve.

Oke Ibadan Agbe Wa O.

March 25, 2014 |
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