Anti Omo Onile Bill Signed Into Law In Oyo State.


We at City.NG would like to commend the able Governor of Oyo State, Mr. Ajimobi, for signing the bill on Real Property Protection Law, 2016.

We hope that this bill will reduce the rampant actions and activities of illegal omo oniles in Ibadan and help foster development of real estate in the city. Many citizens both at home and especially in diaspora are hankering to purchase real estate in the city but are afraid of the sometimes deadly activities of these miscreants. Private investment in all facets of society, especially in real estate is key to positive and sustained developemts.

Citizens can legally take care of bad roads, unregulated electricity, education, etc but we could not legally take care of the menace of Omo Oniles. Until now.

Signing the bill is a good effort and we hope that the Governor will help ensure it’s enforcement. Law on the book without enforcement is nearly worthless.

Thank you.

February 23, 2017 |

Claiming Your Business Listing


ClaimOne of the most common questions that we are asked from potential clients is “How can I change or update the information that you have for my business on your website?”

The process to change information on our website starts by clicking on the “claim listing” button ¬†(circled in red on the icon on the left) that is at the bottom of every “claimable” listing.¬†Business owners can claim a listing on our website regardless of who originally entered the listing.

Once business owners have proven to us that they are the rightful owners and have registered a membership by paying a nominal fee then they will become the new owners of the listing and be able to make any changes or add any information as needed.

Examples of what can be corrected or added are:

  • Business names
  • Business physical address
  • Business internet address
  • Business hours
  • Business amenities, especially for hotels and restaurants
  • Business flyers or menus for restaurants

Additionally business that have paid listings benefit from a generous discount when placing banner ads on our site.

Thank you.

Your advertising team @ Ibadan.City.NG, we work for you.

April 11, 2014 |

Tragedy At Soka Area Ibadan


It is with great sadness to read of this great tragedy that is playing out with these discoveries of kidnapped victims, dungeons, rotten corpses et al.

It is unbelievable that this occurred in our beloved city. Much needs to be down so that we can shed this bad reflection on our wonderful city.

But as we look for justice and catching the perpetrators we need to ensure that the rescued victims are taken care of.

We would like to remind all Nigerians and especially people of Ibadan to be even more vigilant now than ever.

1)When leaving the house, please let people close to you know where you are going to and how long you will be gone.

2)If it feels wrong then it most likely is. Trust your instincts.

3) Always enter public transportation at established public stops.

4) Always use well marked public transportation.

5) Cellphones are not a luxury anymore but a necessity,.

All of us at City.NG supports all law enforcement work in this regards and we hope that the perpetrators are caught and given the swift justice that they deserve.

Oke Ibadan Agbe Wa O.

March 25, 2014 |
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