Anti Omo Onile Bill Signed Into Law In Oyo State.


We at City.NG would like to commend the able Governor of Oyo State, Mr. Ajimobi, for signing the bill on Real Property Protection Law, 2016.

We hope that this bill will reduce the rampant actions and activities of illegal omo oniles in Ibadan and help foster development of real estate in the city. Many citizens both at home and especially in diaspora are hankering to purchase real estate in the city but are afraid of the sometimes deadly activities of these miscreants. Private investment in all facets of society, especially in real estate is key to positive and sustained developemts.

Citizens can legally take care of bad roads, unregulated electricity, education, etc but we could not legally take care of the menace of Omo Oniles. Until now.

Signing the bill is a good effort and we hope that the Governor will help ensure it’s enforcement. Law on the book without enforcement is nearly worthless.

Thank you.

February 23, 2017 |
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